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“Communicating vision and strategy is easy when the whole company plays a role in their formation. Red Barn guided us through a series of events that gave our employees a chance to provide input on where we’re headed and how we’ll get there. Results are what count and Red Barn helped us revitalize our energy and identify a common vision of the future at a critical time. We accomplished in a few weeks what might have taken months.

“With big change, you need to look beyond simply changing your org chart. When we decided on a significant change in our business model, Red Barn helped us look systematically at how our people, systems, processes, and strategy needed to change in order to capitalize on opportunities in our market.”

“Nothing is more powerful than a high performing executive team —  the opposite is true as well. Red Barn made a big difference in helping our team reach a new level of performance.”

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO, Financial Engines, Inc.

“Red Barn has been a true partner to our organization - trustworthy, compassionate, and incredibly competent. They develop customized approaches based on the needs and realities of each organization rather than using blanket methodologies.  Their wide range of competencies means they approach challenges holistically and in a broader organizational context.”

“Red Barn provided valuable counsel and in-the-trenches support during a critical time in our organization’s development. Their ability to quickly grasp our organizational strategy and link it to team building, leadership development, and change management - and then provide tangible and practical approaches to these challenges, has resulted in a more effective and forward-looking management team, vastly improved HR systems, and a workplace culture that better aligns with our strategy.”

Lisa Acree, COO, Business for Social Responsibility

“I am impressed by Red Barn’s ability to work with diverse personalities and varied opinions to reach clear and executable agreements that achieve results.” 

“I highly recommend Red Barn to any executive dealing with company strategy, career path decisions, and executive teambuilding options when all possible outcomes need to be considered.” 

Glen D. Vondrick, former CEO, FaceTime Communications

“Beth Doolittle has been a trusted senior advisor for me for over 3 years. She has helped me and my teams tackle difficult decisions that stood in the way of organizational execution.”

Glen D. Vondrick, former CEO, FaceTime Communications