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Case Studies
Interest-Based Mediation and Conflict Resolution

The situation
We were called to help salvage a situation that involved the fall-out from an acquisition.  The conflict centered on the acquiring company’s intention to integrate the new company’s people and technology, but not their brand.  The acquired company’s executives had not understood this prior to the acquisition and had been delaying implementation of decisions that were brand-focused.  The delays had resulted in anger and misunderstandings, putting the multi-million dollar investment in serious jeopardy.

The results of our engagement

  • The acquired company’s executives agreed to implement the strategies and negotiated their own departure with good will and without further disruption.
  • The remaining employees from the acquired company were retained.
  • The senior team at the acquiring company learned ways to prevent this kind of conflict in future acquisitions.
  • The intended benefits of the acquisition were restored.

Economic benefits
The multi-million dollar investment was saved.