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Case Studies
Strategic Choice

The situation
We were called by a successful company that was experiencing recent explosive growth.  The company’s founders did not have sufficient experience or expertise to handle their success, and the executive team was characterized by turf protection and isolation.  The team did not agree on short- or long-term strategies and did not know how to successfully shift the culture from chaotic start-up to leader in the field.

Results of our engagement

  • The executive team created a new mission, values and long-term goals.
  • The executive team made a series of integrated strategic choices for all parts of the business: sales, marketing, research and development, distribution, human resources, leadership and organization development.  Especially significant was their decision to outsource distribution and to enter into multiple new manufacturing partnerships.
  • Implementation of the strategic choices began immediately.

Economic benefits

  • There was no reduction in force.
  • Market share increased.
  • The profit margin increased.
  • Operating costs were reduced by 15 - 20%.
  • Revenue increased $22 million over the prior year.