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Case Studies
Team Effectiveness

The situation
A newly promoted CEO in a start-up company brought us in to resolve a team conflict.  The CEO’s team included both of the company’s founders, who were no longer civil to each other. Individual team members frequently interfered in each other’s departments, and gave contradictory reports of team decisions.  The Board wanted to retain the co-founders, but had lost confidence in the CEO’s team’s ability to work effectively together.  The Board was prepared to discontinue the next round of funding if the situation was not rectified.

Results of our engagement

  • The team shared relevant information, achieved better understanding of the key issues, solved problems together, and reached agreements to which all were committed to action.
  • The teams within the company carried out common cost containment and business development strategies.
  • The new CEO successfully made the transition from VP to CEO.

Economic benefits

  • Cost containment extended their funds by an additional 6 months.
  • The Board renewed $1.5 million of funding.
  • Three multi-million dollar strategic alliances were formed.