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Case Studies
Leader Performance

The situation
We were asked to provide executive coaching for a director-level manager at a Fortune 500 company; this senior manager’s performance had dropped precipitously. His people-management, direction-setting, risk-taking and leadership of strategic initiatives were all deteriorating.  The director’s team was overwhelmed by impossible-to-meet quality standards and demoralized by the director’s personal attacks.

The director was angry, burned out and isolated. His promotion was at risk and he was considering quitting.  The company considered the director a key employee with exceptional talent, but could not tolerate his behaviors or his employee’s dissatisfaction much longer.

Results of our engagement

  • The director and his team successfully launched a strategy to bring work, which was being outsourced at great expense, back inside.
  • The director began taking more risk and contributing more significantly to company-wide strategic initiatives.
  • The director was promoted and received a bonus.
  • The team now supports the director.

Economic benefits
The company saved the cost of replacing a key employee, approximately one-half million dollars.