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Would you ever neglect to address something that causes employee inefficiency, turnover, and an environment where people can’t do their best work? If you’re avoiding unresolved conflicts, you might be doing just that. You may not understand the negative impact and true costs of workplace strife.

Creating Authentic Conflict Resolution
People handle conflict in a variety of ways:  they avoid it; they accommodate it, they confront it, they compromise or they collaborate.  Often the resolution is superficial; sometimes it is long-lasting and authentic.

Authentic resolution happens when people use conflict as an opportunity to uncover and address harmful patterns.  In doing so, the parties face the issues, accept responsibility, and genuinely agree to move forward.

Our process provides a trustworthy environment in which to resolve conflicts, in a way that promotes cooperation. Our approach encourages a heightened personal awareness and allows people to see how they unconsciously cast themselves as innocent victims and others as villains. By creating a better understanding – questioning assumptions and interpretations – people sincerely resolve their conflicts and create a more productive working partnership.

Red Barn will help you

  • Resolve specific interpersonal and intra-team conflict
  • Identify and resolve systemic conflicts

Teaching the Use of Conflict
for Creative Breakthrough
Conflict is an inevitable condition in every workplace. In fact, conflict occurs wherever there are groups of people. Instead of wishing conflict would “just go away”, you need to increase your comfort with, and confidence at, resolving it.

In fact, we believe that disputes can actually be productive -- the sparks from conflict are the perfect fuel for creativity. When channeled productively, conflict can stimulate conversations, innovations, experimentation, and those “productive mistakes” that lead to unforeseen breakthroughs. Avoid conflict and you lose those precious opportunities.

We teach how to identify, raise and resolve conflict in a way that preserves relationships, creates mutual learning, and stimulates new understanding. We offer workshops, simulations, and multi-session courses. When people resolve their own issues, you don’t only get a smoother running organization – those involved attain a new level of personal growth.

Red Barn will help you learn

  • How to have difficult conversations
  • How to facilitate conflict situations
  • Attitudes of effective listening
  • How to reframe toxic language

Investigations That Lead to Productive Results
There are times when there have been allegations of violation of company policy, situations that are appropriate to bring in a third party.  Companies bring in third parties when they want a neutral pair of eyes. For example, when corporate reputation is being called into question, when the violation requires a person unfamiliar with the parties or the situation, or when internal staff doesn’t have the time or appropriate resources.

Investigations should focus on teasing out competing points of view and divergent stories about what happened.  Yet sometimes, they should focus on establishing right and wrong.

Conducting investigations takes a deep understanding of, and experience with, complex systems and conflict. Often, the tendency is to look for fault or try to discover if someone isn’t telling the truth. This leads to short-term solutions (usually punishment and blame), but ignores long-term consequences. 

Our approach promotes a high tolerance for divergent stories. We know how important it is to explore the areas of gray and not be seduced by the desire for the quick fix or black and white explanation.  We encourage those involved to understand how each person sees themselves, the others in the situation, and the events that transpired. 

Red Barn will help by providing

  • A response to specific allegations
  • A recommendation about what comes next
  • A recommendation about how to go about preventing this kind of occurrence from happening again

“I am impressed by Red Barn’s ability to work with diverse personalities and varied opinions to reach clear and executable agreements that achieve results.”  more

Glen D. Vondrick, former CEO, FaceTime Communications