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Organization Change
There are times when organizations have to make a huge step up to become or remain competitive. In order to know if this is one of those times, ask yourself, “Can we get there from here?”  In other words, can you deliver the results with the organization as it is?

Guiding Successful Whole Systems Transformation
What is transformation?  It has 4 characteristics:

  • scale (involves all or most of the organization);
  • magnitude (significant alternation to the status quo);
  • duration (lasts for months or years); and
  • strategic importance.

Major market changes, competitor pressure, and the opportunities created by new products provide leaders with serious challenges.  In some cases, cutting staff or reorganizing departments, will be enough.  But when a transformation is required, it’s rarely achieved by moving boxes on an organization chart or laying off workers.

Our process provides leaders with a model for understanding the inter-related elements of their organization and how their organization fulfills the customer’s requirements.  We will work with you to understand where and how to make changes that will matter to both the customer’s and the company’s bottom line. We will point out how to avoid ineffective solutions.  Our process helps the whole organization imagine new ways of working and understand and incorporate best practices.  Employees will become so engaged and intrigued by the future that they will contribute energy and personal commitment to the required changes.

Red Barn helps organizations solve the critical issues involved in transformation. Specifically, we believe that a successful transformation comes from focusing on customers’ requirements, extensive employee involvement, seeing organizations as “living systems”, and leaders’ personal commitment to change.

Red Barn will help you by

  • Providing a process and tools for whole systems change
  • Managing the project
  • Bringing the project in on time and within your budget

Developing Strategic Human Resource Leadership
When most of us think about Human Resources, we come up with compensation and benefits, policies and procedures, training programs, and resolving manager-employee conflict. 

Strategic HR leaders, however, bring even greater value that goes beyond these administrative and transactional elements. 

HR leaders play a key role in creating and executing company strategy.  A strategic HR leader is essential when your company needs more than transaction and administrative HR services.  Strategic HR leadership is essential when undergoing transformational change.

The senior HR leader should be a core member of the executive team.  HR should lead in the identification of barriers to your company’s success.  HR should model leadership and prepare executives to lead.  HR should ensure an ongoing stream of future-relevant talent.  HR should assure that the organization has the skills and processes in place to meet customer and shareholder requirements. 

We have a variety of ways to provide you with HR leadership that plays a key role in driving the success of the entire organization.

Red Barn will help by

  • Developing your current HR leader and organization
  • Stepping into the senior HR role temporarily
  • Assisting in the search for a new HR leader

“Red Barn helped us look systematically at how our people, systems, processes, and strategy needed to change in order to capitalize on opportunities in our market.” more

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO, Financial Engines, Inc.

“Red Barn provided tangible and practical approaches that have resulted in a more effective and forward-looking management team, vastly improved HR systems, and a workplace culture that better aligns with our strategy.” more

Lisa Acree, COO, Business for Social Responsibility