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Online Emotional Intelligence Tool
Building exceptional teams requires having the best people, not just the brightest. And that's where emotional intelligence (“EQ”) makes the difference. Studies consistently show that high EQ produces exceptional leadership. EQ is not a personal trait, it is a skill and it can be learned.

RBC is happy to offer our clients individual or group sessions using Essi Systems On Line EQ Map® to help explore and identify their personal and team EQ strengths and vulnerabilities. All programs offer follow up and behavior change components for immediate, practical application change efforts.

Purchase and take the EQ Map® online.

Please contact us to further explore EQ and how it can strengthen your leaders and increase your competitive advantage.

Other Online Resources

Center for Creative Leadership
A resource for understanding and expanding the leadership capabilities of individuals and organizations.  Their mission is to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society world wide.  They provide excellent original research,  publications, products (such as leadership inventories and feedback tools), events and networks.

Synergy Learning Systems
Debbie Dutra and Mark Lord are colleagues with whom we share a long positive history.  Their company is provides creative, innovative designs and experiences for teams. They blend unique experiential and action learning with proven organizational theory and models.

This is a pretty convenient site for seeing a quick description of Myers Briggs Types.

Consulting Psychologists Press
For those of you who want to see all that is available regarding the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, this is a terrific site.  We have a license with SkillsOne that allows us to administer the MBTI through them.  Please contact us for more information.

Systems Thinker
This site is a great resource to learn more about systems thinking, read sample articles and join discussion groups.  Systems thinking is a perspective that helps us see the events and patterns in our lives in a new light—and respond to them in higher leverage ways.

GroupMind Express
Their collaborative tools (known as “groupware” in some circles) provide leverage to improve your productivity, reduce costs and execute more effectively. Whether gathering information (e.g. value chain improvement, workforce alignment), planning (e.g. product strategy, risk management) or tracking (e.g. project milestones, team dashboards), GroupMind provides the tools to help your business succeed, in face-to-face meetings and in web-based workspaces.

OD Network
This is a fabulous resource for people interested in the theory and practice of organizational development.  It’s well worth becoming a member or signing in as a visitor in order to have access to their research and articles regarding leadership, teams, conflict and managing organizational transformation.

Gelinas-James, Inc.
Mary and Roger are original thinkers and a primary source for those who are interested in creating lasting collaborative whole system change.  We value our work together over the years and look forward to more opportunities to collaborate.

The Leader to Leader Institute
Leader to Leader Institute has its roots in the social sector and its predecessor, the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, which in January 2003 transferred its ongoing activities to the new identity. Its offerings include:  Leader to Leader Journal, books, tools and videotapes; The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool workshops; Meeting the Collaboration Challenge workshops (in person and online); Innovation Discovery site and Innovation of the Week email.