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Shareholders want you to execute the right strategies. Your organization doesn’t just want the right strategies – they have to be communicated and easy to implement.

Strategies should help the organization.  They should clarify how to achieve the long-term vision. They should relieve uncertainty. They should eliminate confusion.  They should direct daily decision-making as well as long-term planning.  They should shed light on the range of options considered, but not chosen, thereby highlighting the path ahead.

Begin with a Clear Vision
A vision is a compelling, exciting, and specific description of the future that will achieve your long-term goals.  A vision provides focus for the strategies and helps to create a road map, assuring that you’ve specifically defined your strategic choices and understand how – and where – to execute. The vision weaves the disparate pieces of the organization into a unifying tapestry.

Employees need to know how their work contributes to achieving the vision.  They need to know that others value their work because it fits with the organization’s goals. The vision, kept alive through renewal and consistent reinforcement, is a source of employee commitment, motivation and productivity. 

We offer a variety of ways to help organizations create and renew their vision – from methods utilizing high employee involvement to those in which the leadership team creates the vision.

Red Barn will help you

  • Decide when a vision process would be useful
  • Determine when to renew an existing vision
  • Determine who should be involved in creating your vision and how to engage the whole organization upon completion

Smart Strategies, Clear Choices
While a compelling vision establishes the destination, you still need a clear approach to the trip: the strategies. 

Problem is, leaders often fail to choose their strategies. The strategies emerge over time in response to a variety of market opportunities or challenges.  They are in constant flux and difficult to articulate. No wonder that employees get confused about their roles. 

Our process helps leaders to examine the legitimate choices in each area of strategy (e.g. market, customer, sales, marketing, and distribution). They can then select the best way to achieve the vision, integrating and resolving conflicts between strategies, and educating employees about the strategic choices and the “path not chosen”. The result of our process: integrated strategies implemented with commitment.

With strategy ultimately dictating profits and competitive advantage, companies need to have a keener awareness of their choices. At all levels, employees function better when the range of choices is clear and based on sound reasoning.

Red Barn will help you identify

  • Where to “play” – your market segments, geographies you will serve, your ideal customers
  • How to win in those markets – i.e., your sales, marketing and distribution strategies
  • How to continue winning over time, especially when competitors begin to adopt your strategies

“Results are what count and Red Barn helped us revitalize our energy and identify a common vision of the future at a critical time. We accomplished in a few weeks what might have taken months.” more

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO, Financial Engines, Inc.