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The Nature of Leadership
3 Day Workshop

A Powerful Metaphor
My mission is to provide the leaders and colleagues I have worked with for the past 25 years an experience of themselves and nature that will ignite and inspire; renew and reinvigorate; energize and enlighten. My love of horses and the lessons I have learned with my horses inspired this workshop.

Horses live in a world defined by leadership. Their comfort, sense of safety and well-being is created by their confidence in their leader. Their world is one in which leadership is established every day. Horses follow a leader who provides clarity, purpose, safety and justice.

Horses are great teachers and great partners for learning about leadership.

Their reactions to our efforts are straightforward and unambiguous. They are willing participants, yet, have no attachment to anything other than their own needs and interests.

Horsemanship is about leadership; therefore, learning horsemanship provides the perfect metaphor for leaders.

The experience of communicating across the boundaries between horses and humans offers an opportunity for profound flashes of insight and connection.

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An Inspiring Challenge

Leading a horse challenges us to lead without our most prized tools: words and authority.

During the course, we investigate, experiment, practice, observe, and reflect on how to do this. We will observe and experiment with the role of intention, purpose, safety and mutual responsibilities, to name just a few areas.

Immersion in the world of horsemanship offers the metaphor. Its a means to an end and that end is leadership insight, inspiration and renewal.


  • Be the kind of leader that others want to follow.
  • Develop your ability to achieve emotional connection and resonance with others.
  • Enhance your understanding of the underlying principles that create great communicators, leaders and teachers.
  • Renew your excitement about leading.
  • Increase your effectiveness in inspiring respect, trust and loyalty.
  • Deepen your understanding of other’s reactions to you.
  • Stretch yourself with an experience and an environment that is new and unfamiliar.
  • Receive immediate, unbiased feedback as you learn.

Who Should Attend
This experience is designed for lifelong students of leadership, for people pursuing a leadership practice. It is for people who know how to lead, communicate and mentor and who do these tasks well. It is for people who have taken leadership trainings, gone through leadership assessments and who regularly ask for feedback.

It is for people seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and who want to continue to learn. It is for people who know the power of having a beginner’s mind. It is for those who want to understand their impact on others.
It is for people who want to go deeper, who value reflection and who are interested in seeing themselves reflected in the eyes of another.

June 27-29, 2008 • Friday through Sunday
July 18-20, 2008 • Friday through Sunday
August 15-17, 2008 • Friday through Sunday

View the complete course description.

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